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Shenzhen Lanhe Lighting Co., Ltd.

LED downlights, LED security lights, LED barn lights, LED wall packs, LED ceiling lights, LED tube lights

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    Kexing Science Park, Keyuan Avenue, Nanshan district Hight-tech Zone, Shenzhen, China
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Company Profile
Shenzhen Lanhe Lighting Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of specification-grade LED luminaires for commercial and residential applications. The company is operated as an affiliated manufacturer for HLE Optics (Hong Kong) Limited, who markets its products globally under the brand name HLE (Healthy Light Environment). Building a strong brand recognition is core strategic initiative at HLE. Founded in 2013, Lanhe Lighting was created to strengthen the HLE brand by delivering style, quality and value that will make a lasting impression on HLE's lighting excellence. Lanhe Lighting is committed to setting the benchmark for both quality and innovation and has been at the forefront of cutting edge performance and forward-thinking sustainable technologies.

Through dedication to innovation and perfection, HLE achieves unparalleled brand credibility across all its product lines that include LED downlights, LED security lights, LED barn lights, LED wall packs, LED ceiling lights and LED tube lights. The HLE LED downlights are designed to facilitate a home's transition into the ground breaking performance that you can count on for ages. This product range combines innovative photometrics with high efficacy LEDs for a consistent spread of stunning light output. The unobtrusive design blends seamlessly with ceilings for a modern and sophisticated look. HLE's another line of flagship solutions, motion sensor LED security lights, provide an affordable and robust solution for commercial and residential security lighting, along with a modern look to easily complement the surroundings.

With a passion for quality and perfection, Lanhe Lighting engineers its products in-house to the last detail to ensure superb style, outstanding performance, mechanical perfection, highest dependability and longest life. The company's ISO 9001:2208 compliant manufacturing facility in Shenzhen features an industry-leading infrastructure that offers Lanhe Lighting a full range of in-house capabilities which maximize its ability of product innovation and in-process control of product quality. Lanhe Lighting maintains an excellent track record of high standard quality management through an internal system as well as rigorous testing by accredited 3rd party calibration & test laboratories for verified compliance and conformity to the regulatory requirements from UL, ETL, DLC, Energy Star, SAA, CE, PSE, and TUV.
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